Staying connected

I have been thinking about starting a blog for 2 years.  As a long time telecommuter, I have learned a lot, and some of those lessons were learned the hard way.  I have worked in organizations with a lot of remote, home-based workers, but I really had no “training” in how to do this successfully.  

What really compelled me to make this a reality was a discussion with someone I met at church.  She had just started working from home full-time   and was miserable.  She was really struggling with the adjustment.  I thought to myself, how many more people like her are out there struggling by themselves?

What are your struggles working from home?  Is it separating work from your home life?  Focus during the day?  For me, it is the feeling of being disconnected from the company and my coworkers.

Luckily, we use SKYPE to communicate on my team.  When those feelings of disconnection bubble up, I can often have a video chat with my coworkers.  While this isn’t the same as being there, it does help.

How do you maintain your connectivity with your co-workers?



2 thoughts on “Staying connected”

  1. I work from home too, and I don’t miss “co-workers.” LOL I do miss connectivity with people, which is part of my reason for this blog. My challenge is more the balance of separating work/home. But, fortunately, I can usually keep it pretty separate because when my little one is up, work time is over. LOL

  2. Nice! You might be interested to know that all of the staff work remotely from locations all over the world, so you’re in good company!

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