There and Back, Daily

Do you face opposition to working from home at your organization? What suggestions do you have to overcome these objections?

Punch the Ticket

Like many, I wake up in the morning and drive to work and back again when the day of work is done. Unlike many, there is very little reason to have me in the office more than one, at most two days a week. My job is all on the web. I’m not a manager or director. I don’t supervise people. None of that stuff that means I need to be around people. Even my cubical neighbors instant message with each other instead of speaking. I don’t have a ton of meetings, and when I do I could easily fit them into a single day.

I also know that I can do this exact position with these coworkers from home because I have done it before. Now, I don’t mind commuting. But I do have a real problem with commuting for the sake of tradition or because upper management likes…

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