Snow Day(s): the bane of this teleworker!

The view from my home office

The kids (and my teacher wife) have been out of school for most of this week because of the snow and sub-freezing temps.  Even the Federal Government had a snow day and liberal leave this week.  But, alas, one of the non-perks of working from home is that I can’t really call out from work and use the snow as an excuse.  After all, my commute doesn’t even require me to step outside.

To compound the problem, my routine is now all messed up.  Why?  Because I usually have the place to myself for most of the day.

For those who longingly look at teleworkers and think it is totally awesome, just know it certainly isn’t perfect.  (Close to it though!)


4 thoughts on “Snow Day(s): the bane of this teleworker!”

  1. It’s a mixed blessing, isn’t it? When it comes to work or homework (as in continuing education) I prefer the place to myself. My husband had a snow day yesterday and it was a challenge to stay on task. And to keep my temper.

  2. I’m with Maggie, though we haven’t gotten any snow days here in Seattle. But when my husband is home on holidays it’s nearly impossible to get anything done. Either because I’d rather be doing what he’s doing (lounging on the couch eating cereal) or because of the distraction of not having the place to myself.

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