Investing in flexible work policies really pays!

Interesting short article on the benefits of allowing flexibility in work environments.  For us work at home employees, we are living proof of these findings.  Are you more willing to go the extra mile for your employer because you can work from home?


Think about the following scenario: Some important DL for your work is approaching. You adjust your life so that you meet the deadline: you make work-related phone calls while driving home, you make notes while cooking dinner and then, when your kids are finally asleep, you write a report. For the time that it’s needed, you sacrifice your own time for your work and employer. At the same time, you work flexibly both in space and time because your work requires you to do so.

Giuseppe Savo, Creative Commons Giuseppe Savo, Creative Commons

Our study shows that this kind of scenario is very common to employees doing knowledge intensive work. I believe that it is common to you too. Interestingly, however, people react to this kind of situation very differently: Some experience extreme stress and think that their employer exhausts them with too much work. Yet, others feel only temporary stress, or…

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