Maybe snow days aren’t so bad for this teleworker

In a previous post, I’d said that Snow Days were bad for me because it disrupts the routine ( Snow Days Post ).  After 2 more snow days and a holiday, I still have that opinion, but I have to moderate it some.

What was different was that we got a lot of snow (by Virginia standards, 14 inches in one storm is a lot), and it has stuck around a long time.  As a result, we could really do some good sledding and have lots of fun in the snow.  Instead of everyone sitting around bored with no significant snow to play in (typical snow day here), we could actually do something fun.

So, yes, my routine has been thrown out the window these past few days, but I can console myself in the fact that I had so much fun sledding with my family.

Feb 2014
Feb 2014

2 thoughts on “Maybe snow days aren’t so bad for this teleworker”

  1. One of my writers is out there, in Virginia or North Carolina. For several days last week he had no power or internet access. If that happened to me, being forced to have a few snow days, I’d probably freak out and try to relocate!

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