Look Mom, No Pants!

In my experience, one of the most often cited advantages to working at home is that you can wear your pajamas to work.  Sure you can, that is part of the freedom and flexibility of teleworking.  But, do you really work in your pajamas?

In my 20 years of teleworking, I’m not sure I can remember ever ACTUALLY working in my pajamas.  Of course, I dress very casually when I work, because I can.  But not getting dressed?  Not in my world.  For me, one of the best ways to boost productivity and get myself into the work mindset is to get dressed in the morning.  It’s part of my routine, just like getting coffee and breakfast.

I always wear pants to work
I always wear pants to work

On days when I am particularly challenged to get to work, I may even dress up more by wearing an outfit I would wear to an office if I worked in one, rather than shorts and a t-shirt.  My attire can sometimes set the tone for my day.

In the end, it’s all about comfort.  When you work from home, there are many distractions, reasons to procrastinate, and other productivity killers.  Don’t let your clothes be one.  When you work in an office, you have to dress according to rules.  When you work from home, you may not have those same rules.  So, figure out what is comfortable for you and go for it.  My number one rule for productivity is comfort.  This includes your clothes and your environment (for future post).  If you’re not wearing any pants, will you be distracted?

What about you?  What do you wear in your home office? Does your attire at work make a difference in your performance or mindset?


2 thoughts on “Look Mom, No Pants!”

    1. It would be interesting to know how many truly productive remote workers actually do the PJ thing. I suspect this is one of the myths, not reality.

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