Setting up the remote office after a move

Well, it’s been a while since I posted because it’s been a busy summer.  We moved across town to a bigger place with a bigger yard.  It also has a dedicated office!  While our old house was very nice, we used the 4th bedroom as an office, so this is a huge plus.


Moving is enough work in itself, but when you’re moving your home and office, it provides no escape.  So, while I wanted to be working on unpacking clothes and setting up bedrooms, I was focused on setting up the office.  I was only able to take 2 vacation days for the move, so I was under the gun to get things together so I could get back to work.


The new office
The new office

Here are 5 tips for setting up a New Remote Office:


  1. Pack as much of your office as you can personally.  This allows you to personally approve everything that is or is not going to be a part of the new office.  Now is the time to get rid of unused items, file or pitch all the paperwork, and generally “thin the herd.”
  2. Consider getting new furniture.  This can be brand new, or new to you. My plan was to re-use most of what I was using in my new office.  However, my new office already had shelves and a desk, so I had to re-think the rest of my furniture choices.  Would you re-use everything from your old office in a new one that was a blank slate?  I suppose so, but unless you’re really attached and happy with what you have, this is a good opportunity to improve and make a fresh start.
  3. Plan for delays when dealing with technology vendors.  I had the cable company lined up to install everything on the afternoon of closing so I could be back to work quickly.  Of course, some kind of snafu caused the appointment to be cancelled without my knowledge.  Have a backup plan for how you’re going to work in case the technology isn’t in place when you need it.  I was able to self-install my internet and TV, so as it turns out, I was good to go mostly on the day I needed it.
  4. Establish your boundaries early.  You have to work and earn a living in this space.  Set your boundaries early with yourself and the rest of the household.  The office is not a store room for yet-to-be unpacked items, or a grave-yard for everything that shouldn’t have made the move.    Only items that belong permanently in the office should go here.  This includes other humans too.  When you’re back to work, close the door, keep it closed, and draw the line in the sand clearly upfront.  Everyone will be glad you did in the long run.  This really wasn’t a problem for me as I’ve been doing this so long, my family understands.  But, in the new house, the office is right off of the family room, so it might be a little challenging keeping the line drawn when I’m right in the middle of action.  Time will tell.
  5. Change is good, so use this opportunity to your advantage.  This is a great opportunity to reset your productivity.  Get things organized quickly and use this event to push the reset button on your attitude and your environment.  Are you distracted by the goings on around you?  Maybe the new place won’t be so disturbing.  Turn over a new leaf and get to work!

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