When I am meeting someone new, often the subject of conversation revolves around work. What do you do? How is the commute? Etc. etc. When I am feeling cheeky I tell them I only commute 14 steps to work, and they are understandably confused! But not the readers of this blog! You know exactly what I mean: I work from home.

Are we a normal group of people who just simply don’t commute to an office or work location? Or are we something else altogether? There are many perceptions of the teleworker out there, some are spot on, and others are dead wrong.

In this blog, we’ll admit to some of the truths, and debunk some of the myths. We will also tell some amusing stories, and hopefully share some good advice on making it work from home. We’ll cover many topics around telecommuting including minimizing distractions, balancing work and home life when they are physically in the same place, managing people from a home office, and more!

This blog is specifically NOT about getting work at home jobs or a job board of any type.  It is geared towards those who already have jobs that allow them to work from home, or are considering telework options in their existing positions.

About Me
My name is John, and I have been telecommuting either Full-Time (5 years), Occasional (2 years), or “Field-Based” (13 years) for a total of 20 years.  These assignments have been mostly working for a software and services company, and also a distribution company.  In my current assignment, I work as a Product Manager in software development.  However, I’ve worked as a salesperson, sales manager, trainer, project manager, and financial manager.

Contact me via email: 14stepcommute@gmail.com


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