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Gone to the dogs, cats….

We’ve all been on the conference call with the dog barking in the background.  That’s common, almost expected these days with so many people working remotely.  But a few weeks ago, my pets really upped the ante on me.

Enjoying the freedom that is allowed in my schedule, I attended a morning function at my church, and kept a close eye on my watch.  I had to call an important customer at 10AM.  Of course, I am rolling into my home office at 9:58 and scrambling to make the call.  As I am dialing the phone, one of my 3 dogs starts eating something off of the floor by the door outside.  I’m thinking, great, what was that?  As I get nearer, I discover that one of the pets had vomited and he was helpfully eating it for me.

Clean up, aisle 2! 

Oh wait, that’s right, I’m here by myself and it really does require clean up, and quickly so that the other two don’t decide to come and compete for sloppy seconds, or thirds, or…

While the phone is ringing on the customer’s end, I’m feverishly grabbing cleaning supplies, attempting to clean up the mess and fend off the others, and act professional with my customer.  Within a few minutes, I finished, and I’d managed to carry on a reasonably professional conversation.  Quite a feat for me too as I don’t multi-task well.  Phew, I thought, dodged that bullet.

Well, they weren’t done yet.  Nope, you see, after coming in from outside, # 2 dog decided that he wanted some snacks from the cat box, and more importantly, he felt he should share it with me,  at my feet, on the carpet, as I am still talking to the customer on the phone!

Clean up, aisle 2, again…

Well, I figure, I’m good at this now, so I commence to again clean up what has come out of one of my animals while maintaining my composure on the phone.  With that complete, I let a thought slip ever so slightly into my mind:

“Good job, no one is the wiser”.  (I really am so stupid sometimes)

Yep, that was my mistake, got too cocky.

All the commotion woke up the cat and he decided it was now time to howl a most blood curdling scream in my doorway.  No way to mask that.  My office environment was now on display for all to see (well, hear really).

This day wasn’t going so well, but, despite  the antics of my pets, I still enjoy working from home.  What kind of distracting things have your pets done to you?


Conference Calls: Love them or hate them?

Hilarious look at the reality of doing much of your work remotely with conference calls. I have experienced most of the examples in this video. But, suffering through them is the price to pay to work from home.